Thursday, 18 March 2010


Bullion is on a tour opening for The XX this month. If you never heard of him before you would think that he probably shares the minimal production or the dark mystery of them. You couldn't be more wrong. It's definitely quite a strange match.
Bullion's music is basically composed through samples and, although sometimes can get pretty dark, is much more upbeat and festive that what you would expect of The XX to choose, if they actually chose him directly as their opening act.
From Acton, London, he's already released two EPs and this single is his first 7", but he's better known for Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee that combined samples from the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds with samples from J Dilla. That was a good presentation card as summarises his choice and approach of mixing warm pop sounds with broken beats.
Say Goodbye to What is an upbeat song that samples a track by Klaus Nomi while Crazy Over You is much darker with a voice sample closer to what Burial or Gold Panda would choose.

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