Monday, 1 March 2010


Last December I made a post about the then not popular at all Memoryhouse, some days before they released as a free download their first EP The Years, still available here . They included there the now so talked about To The Lighthouse, which since then has been posted on Pitchfork and many other first league blogs, a video's been made, a Millionyoung remix appeared, it was the A side of a Beko single and now, finally my prayers have been heard and it finally appears as the A side of their first ever physical release; a 7" single out tomorrow on Evident Records . This is in fact squeezing all the juice from a song but, when the song is as good as this dreamy and ethereal track, we understand and approve all this overexposure. And this doesn't mean they don't have any other tracks up to the level of this one. The four tracks on the EP were great and both the more acoustic B side Bonfire or the floaty instrumental free download track (once you purchase the 7") Coma are worth your attention. And wait for the proper first LP some time in Spring to be called Looms of Youth.

Memoryhouse - To the Lighthouse.mp3


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