Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Tunng are like Woody Allen. You can count on a release periodically, theirs being every two years. And to introduce us to their new album ...And Then We Saw Land out this week on the UK on Full Time Hobby and in a month on Thrill Jockey in the USA they put out its first single last week, Hustle, one of their most upbeat songs to date. It's even a bit quirky and hippish although not in a bad way. All the elements we've seen on Tunng before are present here: a delicate but elaborated production using all types of acoustic instruments (banjos, guitars..), a subtle electronica touch and complex percussion arrangements with a lot of care for the melody. Little by little, as we could already feel with their previous album, they are becoming less folktronica and more pop, but the essence is still there and their sound is always recognisable. They are currently on tour in the UK and soon around Europe.

(Song removed by request, sorry)


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