Thursday, 25 March 2010


Sometimes a band name doesn't say anything at all about the band and sometimes it's kind of a summary of the whole concept behind the band's lyrics and music. I'm not sure if this is what Harry Granger, the (L)only member behind Lonely Galaxy wanted to achive with this name but his songs are not the kind of songs you would recommend to listen to someone who is taking Diazepan. His lyrics explore the limits of loneliness, solitude and sadness to the point his friends normally ask him if he's ok after listening to them. Let's hope it's just his inspiration when writing music and, in a selfish way, let's hope he keeps on feeling this way if this is the engine for him to write these beutiful songs.
This EP simply called EP1 is out next month on Transparent, being it the first 10" they put out, and contains the stand out epic track (epic in the way Spiritualized are epic) Have a Heart, a song I've had on repeat in my I-pod and Laptop plus three more songs: Waiting, So Low and Time.
He's now trying to set up a band and reherse for a future tour next Summer, something he admits having trouble when recreating the sound of his recordings as all the orchestrations you can hear on the songs are created on his laptop. Let's hope he get's as close as possible. And to celebrate this release the people of Transparent asked Active Child to remix Have a Heart and he did an amazing job transforming the song into a tension creator urban soundtrack.

Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart.mp3

Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart (Active Child remix).m4a


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this sound like someone end this EP to late in the night, and just put this name and go the bed, well maybe was in this way.

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