Monday, 8 March 2010


March is again a busy month for Captured Tracks and we are happy. Between all the recommended releases which some of them are going to be commented here for sure in the following days, we have the first single from The Soft Moon who couldn't have put it out with anybody else as it's 100% Captured Tracks. From California and enlisted to only a member, Luis Vasquez, his music is definitely inspired by post-punk bands like Joy Division / New Order, Bauhaus, The Sound and all the obscure and dark sounds from the beginning of the 80s or more recently Blank Dogs or Blessure Grave: whispering voices, thick bass lines, echoing guitars and repetitive drum sounds.
The A side Breathe The Fire is a rhythm bomb while Phantoms explores the same parameters with a more down tempo beat.
I grew up listening to all these dark bands so listening to new bands taking inspiration of those sounds without being an obvious copycat is quite interesting.

The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire.mp3


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Good stuff.

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You can read the review of The Soft Moon's record here!

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I like.

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