Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Foxes in Fiction is the work of a man called Warren Hildebrand from Toronto, Canada. All has been very fast for him lately since he put up a mixtape / record on his blog less than a month ago under the title Swung from the Branches and it's already been reviewed in many blogs and even plagiarized in a blog under the name A.E., taking credit of his song Jimi Bleachball that changed the name into Faders and even created a cover for it. Cheeky and weird. Anyway, if somebody bothered to do so it's because his material is great. These recordings were not original meant to be together on an album as he specifies on his blog and he divides them into two parts as if it was a tape as he explains very well himself on this quote: "The whole thing was recorded for a kind of cassette A Side / B Side format so there is a pretty obvious division in style between the two. The first flows kind of as one long dreamlike hallucination song that segways pretty easily into each track, and is meant to inspire some pretty specific moods, while the second side more lucid pop songs". He's used guitar a looping pedal and a sample to record these beautifully crafted songs that he shares with us as a free download from here. You're going to like it if like Atlas Sound, Stereolab, J. Dilla and Boards of Canada.

Foxes In Fiction - Jimi Bleachball.mp3


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