Monday, 15 March 2010


Transparent brings us another amazing single. The first release of Perfume Genius, a 26 year old guy from Seattle who still lives with his mother and performs beautifully crafted and lo-fi piano ballads that seem so fragile they are going to break into pieces. In Mr Peterson he describes a damaged relationship (autobiographical or not) between a 15 years old guy and an older guy who let's him smoke pot in his van after making him a tape of Joy Division. Although the style and the approach to music is quite different, lyrically, it can remind you of Xiu Xiu, who he actually has as his first friend on his Myspace website and shares with him a bit the dark undertow of his stories.
He has recently signed to Turnstile, the label of Los Campesinos who actually discovered him while on tour, fell in love with his music, and pull the strings to make him join, so he will soon release his first LP at any point this year. You can also see lots of interesting homevideos of songs like Gay Angels or No Problem which will or won't make it to the album.

Perfume Genius - Mr Peterson.mp3


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