Saturday, 27 March 2010


When I heard the new album from Blithe Field, Beautiful Wave'74, it made me think about how much I miss and look forward to a new The Books album who hadn't release any since 2006's Lost and Safe. I think this is a good thing, that reminds me of them I mean. His compositions, although sometimes more minimal and calm, mix as well organic and laptop sounds, samples of music and voices, twisting them and melting them together. Spencer Radcliffe, the only permanent member of this project from Athens, Ohio, described his music to me as "sounding like rainbow sherbert and fishing" and I would add it generally sounds like nature, not only wild nature but also urban, like a clash of wild with metropolitan without trying to sound too poetic. You can check it yourself with a track here or you can go to his Bandcamp website and download it on a pay-what-you-want basis or you can also buy his handmade CDR for just 3.00$ here.

Blithe Field - I Love You Tate.mp3


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Nice, we just covered this over on Indie Shuffle as well:

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