Thursday, 11 March 2010


Factory Floor are not in a hurry. They take the things quite calm. A release per year, so far. The 7" Bipolar in 2008, the Planning Application EP in 2009 and now, this 10", an untitled three songs EP containing the tracks [16-2-16-9-20-1-14-9-7], Lying and A Wooden Box plus a DVD with a short film simply called F.F.Film. It's the first release where the third member who joined at the beginning of last year, Nik Colk, collaborates completely in the recording.
Last time I saw them live you could feel how they've changed since her incorporation to the band. They sounded more experimental, more into textures and sounds than song based and with longer and more progressive songs. The new orientation and all the new songs (I hardly recognised any from their recordings) were really good and they have enough material for an LP, although not sure if they are planning to make it anytime soon. Their quite cryptic Myspace page doesn't help at all about getting any information but we can meanwhile enjoy some videos they posted there.
And the release date for this artifact is still a mystery; it was supposed to be out on Blast First Petite on January but it's not ready yet, not even on pre-sale. So keep on checking.

Factory Floor - Lying.mp3


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