Friday, 5 March 2010


Radiohead popularized the idea of giving something for free (or pay-what-you-want) as a way of promotion and, as everybody knows, it really worked. We had all the media talking about it, other bands giving their opinion and many others following the example. It was the proof that for a popular band, in these days when you have many options of getting all the music for free anyway, free was actually a good way of cashing in as, after all the media fuzz, later it came the limited edition box, the format release, the singles and the sold out tour. Quality had also something to do with it though; If you give a shit for free, anyway, nobody is going to care but, if you are sure that what you are handing out is a quality product, the ear to mouth (or its modern version blog to eye) effect is going to work. Now it was the time to proof if this effect would work with unknown and new bands and, as it still is a rather new concept, it is actually working. it did for Memoryhouse, all the bands that put out singles on Beko and many other who upload free stuff on Bandcamp.
And here we have yet another free download, this time through the people of Waaga Records, and we already have numerous blogs talking about it. Quality again worked on its favour as the EP is extremely enjoyable. Two bedroom electronic dub-house-disco-shoegaze bands melting their songs together, Fur's being more dance oriented and French house inspired and Coyote Clean Up's getting closer to dub, chillwave and dream pop and giving us one of the best tracks I've heard this year so far, the hypnotic and spacey Don't Worry Dub that you can hear after the jump.
You can (and have to) download the whole thing here.

Fur - Clears Throat.mp3

Coyote Clean Up - Dont Worry Dub w Orphan.mp3


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