Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Tassels is the solo project of Sean Orr from Vancouver, also a member of post-hardcore band Taxes and Kidnapping. His music is mainly instrumental and quite abstract. Most of his songs are composed in different parts forming a collage of sounds and ideas rather than a classic song structure although they are expressed in a traditional duration of no more than 4 minutes. Not sure what he uses to compose the songs as I hardly have any information but it sounds they are mainly composed through samples and music software or really transformed and processed real instruments until they sound like something completely different and they are finally put together with Garageband.
Most of Tassels tracks are quite dark and slowed down, drones that come and go, disapear and appear again later, like Do the Demerol that starts like something Salem would be proud of doing or putting on one of their frightening mixes or Fucking Wavy, where there's a constant dark rythm throught the song. Nothing's been released yet and there are no news of future releases but we'll wait for more news.

Tassels - Do the Demerol.mp3

Tassels - Fucking Wavy.mp3


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