Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I posted this song long ago when I introduced Wild Nothing to some of you, the back then still-to-release-any-record project of Jack Tatum. Since then, he signed to Captured Tracks, released the beautiful first single Summer Holiday and last week, as an advance of what will be his first album Gemini to be out in May as well in Captured Tracks, comes this Kate Bush cover, Cloudbusting, that has been shared and commented online for a long time now.
The single, with a cover that reminds a lot Kate Bush's aesthetics, comes with the new B side Promise and will probably be included as well in the album that, if it's as good as all the advances we've heard so far, we have a strong candidate to be in all of the end of the year best records' lists.

Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting.mp3


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