Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Here we have another band that is impossible to get any information of. Their Myspace couldn't be less informative and their website more simple. I just could find out that they are two guys from Los Angeles that have a single to be out very soon and you can already pre-order it here or download it from I-Tunes. Their sound is, let's say, like if Xiu Xiu tried to have a cover band of Prince circa late 70s but messed it all up a bit. Both Fountains and Friends of the Night have a pretty nostalgic sound from when Philadelphia and Minneapolis where kind of the centre of the world, when disco was fading out and 80s Funk / Hi-NRG was starting to become popular, although we wouldn't have had anyone using the vocals this way back then and they are a bit more experimental than anything done at that time. They can even remind you of Arthur Russell sometimes. And to add more mystery and strangeness to it all, they also have a blog that consists on tracks that have been changed in speed and you can listen on-line, with no information at all on what the tracks are. Weird, but pretty interesting.

Upgrade: After receiving an email from them I have some more information: They are Andrew Aged and Daniel Aged. They are brothers and currently living in Los Angeles. This is their first recording and it will be available in 7" form by the end of March. They will be playing some shows in L.A. this spring and summer> And I have both tracks on repeat since I discovered them.

Teen Inc. - Fountains..mp3


Anonymous said...

just checked them out, pretty awesome sounds. looks like theyre on the myspace top friends of members' of Ariel Pink's band, thats about all I can seem to find aside from their website and stuff. hmm

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