Tuesday, 2 March 2010


If you check my labels section you will probably realise that the Captured Tracks one is the one with more entries. How can I avoid talking about most of the references when they have released more than 40 records in a year, most of them 7 inches and most of them great? One year ago Captured Tracks was only known in small circles, I suppose that mainly locally around Brooklyn and people who spend a lot of time online checking for whatever is new and relevant. These days, you can find articles about this label in more mainstream magazines and every blog on earth and they got it without making any concession to their sound or philosophy. Luckily, this means that now it's much easier to get those records outside the USA without having to page huge amounts of money on postage as a better distribution has been placed.
So one of the last references is the first Beach Fossils 7", Daydream, an advance of his eminent first LP also on Captured Tracks coming in April. Some Beach Fossils demos have circulated on the internet for a long time, including the A side on this single. His tracks are always evocative of 60s and 80s garage, like on the B side Desert Sand, but also post-punk pop with great guitar and bass lines, like the ones here that takes you to the first New Order songs or even Blank Dogs itself, although the final result is much more sunny and colourful.

Beach Fossils - Daydream.mp3


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