Friday, 26 March 2010


Yellow Fever are the quintessential example of simple tunes and arrangements with magic results, the example that music has lots of possibilities with just a couple of notes and a slap on the face to the people that think everything is already done and you cannot create great tunes anymore. Yellow Fever are a duo from Austin, Jennifer Moore on guitar and ABolddam Jones on drums and Isabel Martin as a former member, that sound extremely fresh although they don't do anything new. They could have been releasing records for K Records if they had existed back in the 80s but they sound contemporary as well beside bands like The Sandwiches or Vivian Girls (who actually released their first proper album on their label Wild World, a compilation of songs previously released in various singles and EPs). And although they have this familiarity that makes you think you've heard this songs before, they also have kind of their own language because, although the songs may sound simple the first time around, if you pay attention you will realise they have many rhythm changes and a complexity not so evident the first time around that help them to sound fresh every time you play them.
And for the lyrics they are quite cryptic with lines like "why won't you recognise how psychedelic I am and love me" and most of the songs are titled under a name of a person.

Yellow Fever - Culver City.mp3


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