Saturday, 27 March 2010


I really don't get Lady GaGa. She is so manufactured and she's been exagerating her persona / character little by little but only as the press were talking more and more about it and she was able to see that she was getting positive reactions according to sales and popularity. Yes, a bit like Madonna but more obvious and with worse songs. Said that, I even get less the fact that she became a new icon for Gay culture that, although much better than Britney, is still a questionable choice. But don't worry, we already have the new gay icon who I hardly see possible to surpase to the mainstream but who definitely should. I'm talking about Farah who, with her new single Gay Boy for Italians Do It Better, wanted or not, has created what it should be a hymn for all the Gay Prides this year, and a hymn for all the Fag-hugs and simply one of the best lyrics I've lately heard. A beautiful disco ballad about a girl in love with a gay guy and how she tries to convince him to make out with her. Sad and funny at the same time it has lines like "we can watch gay porn to get you in the mood" or "Hey Josh, did you see who Paris Hilton picked to be her new BBF?". So all the gay people out there, take your fag-hags by their hands and go to the dancefloor to dance this tune with them.


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Very nice! you're a comparative writer and this post isn't a bad idea enough but I think we can't ignore the way like you represented those characteristics. They are icons and we can't ignore that. 23jj

Samarina said...

I just looooooooooove this song, and i found it by chance on youtube. Me and my friends have the most amazing time listening to this song. and we sing it everywhere, no ones gets it hahahaha
i totally agree with you when u say it should be a gay hymn
Farah knows it all! she gets it! hahahaha
nice post.
kisses from brazil

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